Welcome & Guidelines

The 5 Days of You Challenge is a simple yet powerful set of concepts that can bring about deep connection to self, a greater connection to our body and will tip toe into the world of nervous system regulation.

A big part of this challenge, and typically where the magic happens, is within the period of YOU time you have each day.

During this time you can complete the exercises and reflections, as well as do any journaling, reflecting or self care you wish - providing it does not involve any of the don'ts outlined for the challenge.

After you complete exercises & journaling, maybe you want to have a slow and quiet relaxing bath or shower. Maybe you want to do a simple movement routine. Maybe you want to walk in nature. Maybe you want to paint or draw. Maybe you want to simply sit in silence with a hot beverage.

Either way, it's up to you.

Things you cannot do during your YOU time:

- No phones, TV, video games or electronics
- No music or guided meditations
- Avoid being with other people
- No napping or sleeping during the time
- As little distractions as possible

Have fun with this and keep it playful and curious!

The challenge will begin Nov 28th, 2022. The video below outlines some key details to prep for this challenge.

Below is a quick note of what to think about before the start of the challenge.

What To Do To Prep:  

1. Watch the short introduction video above.

2. Determine how long you will set aside for your YOU time. Will it be 60 minutes, 30 minutes or 15 minutes daily? The more the better in this case.

3. Think about which part of the day will work best for you to slot in your YOU time.

General Journal Prompts You Can Use Throughout The Challenge

You can use these at any point during the challenge if you are looking for some journaling prompts.

Reflect on the events of the day: how did you feel about them? Were you present?

Are there any big decisions on your mind that you have been putting off? If so, why? How do you feel about them?

Do you have any fears or worries on your mind lately? What are they and, as far as you can tell, why do worry you?

How does fear or worry serve you?

What is something you always felt was important for you to do but haven’t done?

What is something you love doing? How do you know you love doing it? How often do you do it?

Download a copy of these prompts here.

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